Sunday, September 12, 2010

Kim Tang | 03September2010

This was my photo shooting like unprepared style, but the most important is the beautiful model had well prepared for her-self. This is the first test in my place, even thou not a fully equip studio, but still able to play around with some lighting system. Kim is one of a friend has a smiley face all the while we met or even in any occasions, and I wanted her not to smile a lot in my photos, I know is really hard for her not to do so.......but she made it. She has a perfect face like a model, and I like some of her cool pose.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Isabelle Low | 11July2010

She wasn't a planned to shoot model, it happened to meet her with her fiancé tour in the old castle at Batu Gajah, was abandon for an era after the Scottish has passed away. Our photography leader invited Isabelle to be our temporary model, she is cute and friendly.

I didn't shoot a lot photos of her because of too many of us & all squeezed in a small area. Then I was walking around to explore the place for my next assignment.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Elvy Soon | Slideshow

This is the first slideshow in my blog, it is a 4m10s compiled with 70pcs of photo slideshow, and please do enjoy it.......

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Pinky & Moko | 26June2010

First of all, feel really sorry to them because of I didn't ask for their real name, and also because of they were a bit too late when arrived to our place from A.Setar. We all like rush to complete our task, so I believe all of us didn't do good this round. Pinky is a big challenge for me when took her photos, because her face feature is really hard to get a good angle(some reasons), and need a lot of post processing after that. Anyway, luckily I am managed to get what I want too. For another model Moko, my buddies took a lot photos for her, so I didn't take too many. This is an good experience for us, it is like no matter how hard or how exhausted, but still need to achieve to a minimum requirement, portrait photography isn't easy, but lots of fun in there. Thanks to Pinky & Moko's patients, and also the so call studio provided by my buddy. We all ended our photo session at around 8pm, really tired to all photographers.